Due to recent developments, Allenallenallen333 has decided to quit the team. He has allowed us to use the code he created and he will continue writing Unity tutorials (which may or may not be posted online at some point).

I have created a Demon texture and PhantomWriter has created a test world to play around with. Goggles is currently creating some world models, and Jeyo is practicing Blender.
Hello, BobaFett2 here with another update.I recently created this texture which is almost finished. The texture is for a Barbarian. I have also drawn up maps for a few worlds, although locations of NPCs and objects are not on said maps.

Allen has coded a shader (as can be seen on the hammer and minifigure). He also fixed the problem of hanging in mid-air after running into a ceiling for the remaining seconds that the jump would have.

Mvp is currently working on some scenery models.

Currently I am working on a thoroughly fleshed out test world concept with quests, enemies, and locations drawn out and explained.

                                                            A downloadable game build will be released some time in the                                                                 few weeks.

BobaFett2 here. Allenallenallen is almost done with a character controller - it has been almost completely coded and now he and PhantomWriter are working on some animations.

Swongomongo has kindly decided to donate some of his time to make the Hydra for us.

ThriftyDiamondBlizzard is going to help us with some animations and has officially joined our team.

I have finished a Barbarian texture, and am now working on another.
Hey Guys. Just Mvp333 posting to say that we're no longer inactive and have begun reworking and "solidifying" the storyline. Allen is working on coding and modeling/animating, and Boba and I are working on ideas and concepts. Allen is currently working on creating a character control script and we should have some sort of demonstration released.
I haven't posted any updates recently as the team has been, for the most part, searching for a few more coders and modelers, so this update will cover almost everything since the last blog post.

Macelarius and Deus Otiusus have joined the team! Macelarius is a coder and Deus is a builder.

We've decided on the central theme and basic storyline:
        An asteroid arrives near the planet (as of yet unnamed) and some explorers set out to explore it. They then return with an army and attempt to take over the planet. The nations of the planet mobilized a unified military and your fig is part of the special forces (as an engineer, infiltrator, or super soldier).

Another member has requested to join and has been accepted, and we are currently waiting for his reply. In addition to that, we've also asked people from a number of other sites if they would be willing to join.
Hello! It's me, BobaFett2.

Recently, I became leader of LEGO Nexus Adventures, a failing attempt to create a game quite similar to LEGO Universe. My plan was to merge its game developing team with Balance of Power to create a stronger, larger team, but the LNA team reacted adversely to the idea of making a game not closely related to LEGO Universe. In addition to that, the members of the team with useful skills were simply not mature enough or consistent enough to work on a team. As a result, I am no longer leading the team.

I have not been in touch with FB100Z, UltrasonicNXT, and SKP 4472, but I am under the impression that they don't have anything to offer due to the ease of use of Weebly.

Bincredible is no longer on the team and has been replaced by Satlmd, a more experienced and reliable Unity Developer.

We are in dire need of modelers to make custom weapons and armor.

Here's a few LeoCAD models which may make their way into the final game. Whether or not they do depends on what people contribute to the game and what need there is for the models.


Our Weebly Site has been created!