As you can see, I've been making "a few" changes around here on the website in preparation for more people looking around here as they learn about our game project. I've updated our theme, banner, logo, blog, and more, and Boba has been busy working out an enemy texture for the game for the past few days, as well as discussing a new demo we are planning to put together, which I'm sure you'll hear a bit more about in the future. I have also done a similar redesign for the Brick Alliance site, and I'll continue making small tweaks as I go. Brick Alliance, if you're curious, is doing quite well, with a ton of files already shared and many people already members of the Alliance. I personally contributed by creating a logo. I will probably make a banner for it later. This site's gallery will also continue to expand as we add more pictures, so check back every few days.

1/18/2013 04:16:59

Hello there, everyone! First, Mvp did a great job with his minor announcement. I may be writing one in a few days, so stay tuned!


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